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When it comes to insurance, Marino Coverage Group Inc. has you covered. From home to auto to life, we can assist with it all.
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Our personal insurance products include auto, home, life, renters, motorcycle, boat, RV and much more. Call for your free quote today at 516-354-0660.

You need coverage that you can rely upon to protect your financial foundation when fate blows an ill wind in your direction. You need coverage that isn’t so expensive that you are covered in the long term but financially stretched to the limit in the short term. And you need coverage that is flexible enough to change and mature as your personal or professional circumstances dictate. At Marino Coverage Group Inc. located in Franklin Square, NY, we offer custom tailored insurance policies for you, your family, and your property.
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Auto Insurance

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You can get the great quality vehicle protection you need by contacting Marino Coverage Group Inc. of Franklin Square, New York. When you speak with our experienced agents, you will get answers to all of your questions about vehicle protection and our efficient claims handling. We make every effort possible to be there when you need us. Our staff will examine each facet of your automotive profile – type of vehicles, driving history, business versus personal use of vehicle, average travel times, distances, and routes – to provide you the very best policy at the greatest value.

If you have recently been in an automobile accident, everything you have to think about can cause stress. Our goal is to provide solutions that are easy to understand and utilize. We provide all the same great products to our new members as those who we’ve served for years. Give us a call today at 516-354-0660 to learn more.

Home Insurance

Protecting your property and family from loss is just one of the goals of a homeowners insurance plan from Marino Coverage Group Inc. Offering you peace of mind both now and in the event of a loss is one of our top priorities. That’s why we help you assess your insurance needs before they arise by taking into consideration all the specifics that affect your situation. Many factors influence your need for coverage, including having a pool or detached buildings on your property.

We will help you determine your needs and choose adequate coverage. A disaster-proof policy is sought by many clients. Special discounts and policy bundling are other priorities for many homeowners. The good news? Marino Coverage Group Inc. provides each of these items and more! Call 516-354-0660 today for your no-obligation quote!

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Life Insurance

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Your family is your responsibility and your life. There’s nothing better than watching them succeed and sharing in their dreams and conquests. Age demographics, lifestyle preferences, priorities regarding more coverage and lower premiums all factor into finding the correct life insurance instrument, whether it be term, universal, or whole life.

Of course, the ideal situation would be potential clients brimming with financial knowledge and armed with a fantastic vision for their future. They would know the exact policy needed and correct percentage of income to devote to it, when to possibly convert it to universal or whole, how to optimize the policy at every stage of life. But the truth of the matter is that the grand majority of us go through the years by trial and error, accumulating knowledge as we go, taking some bumps and bruises along the way. Call Marino Coverage Group Inc. at 516-354-0660 to discuss your options!

Renters Insurance

Renting is on the rise – from lofts for young professionals, to renovated homes for college students, to luxurious apartments for empty-nesters. Whether you are renting a house, an apartment, or a condo, a renters insurance policy provides added protection and peace of mind for your personal property. Your landlord is not responsible for your belongings if they get damaged or stolen. Make sure you are covered with a renters policy at a rate that is so incredibly affordable, you’ll be worry-free knowing that you are fully protected. Your budget will barely feel it!

At Marino Coverage Group Inc., we have been serving Franklin Square, NY and surrounding areas since 1985 with low-cost renters insurance. Our agents offer protection that can be customized to fit your unique lifestyle. Call 516-354-0660 today!

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Toys Insurance

Large Insured Boat
When bundled properly, we will be able to have you driving your motorcycle, snowmobile, boat, ATV, or RV at a cost that is barely a bump in the road! Recreational vehicles come in all shapes and sizes. They are made for use on-road, off-road, and on open water.

The truth is that it’s expensive enough just to afford the vehicles we need to get us to and from work. It may seem like too much of an expense to pay for the vehicles that we really enjoy, such as your boat, watercraft, bike, ATV, or RV. However at Marino Coverage Group Inc., we will show you the savings we can provide and are confident that we’ll leave you smiling! Call us today at 516-354-0660 for your free insurance quote.